Halloween 5k

This past Saturday I ran in my first Halloween 5k.  It was super fun!  I kept laughing at how fun it was to be running in a costume.  My friend Kristi had been training for her first 5k, and decided on the Halloween Half (5k portion). I helped all the girls make Wonder Woman costumes so we would all match.  My friend Alicia and I had decided beforehand that we were going to run the whole thing (I better be able to run the whole thing since I just did a half marathon) so we broke off from the rest of the group who ran/walked with Kristi.
 All of the runners:
(Left to right) Kristi, Josh, Ben, Dave, Alicia, Eric, and I.
 The whole group, runners and supporters:
It was a total blast, and I would definitely do it again next year.

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